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Custom Jewelry in Toledo Custom jewelry

Custom jewelry At Leo Marks Jewelers, we believe in letting your imagination come to life with custom designed jewelry. Maybe you have a specific design in mind or just want a piece of jewelry that no one else has that you can call your own. Whatever your reason, Leo Marks Jewelers can make your dreams and visions come to life.

Every single member of our team is thoroughly trained in custom jewelry design and is highly knowledgeable. When you speak with a member of our staff regarding having a piece of jewelry custom designed, you will be given the confidence of knowing that your dream means just as much to us as it does to you.

If you have a piece of jewelry that you love but want to make a few changes to, Leo Marks Jewelers also performs onsite jewelry modifications. All modifications are done in our store and we never send jewelry away to be worked on by someone else.

Whether you desire a custom designed engagement ring to suit your tastes, or have an idea for a pendant in mind that you can’t find anywhere, Leo Marks Jewelers is happy to assist you with your needs.


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