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Toledo Engagement RingsShopping for the perfect engagement ring is an exciting process, but with so many options to choose from, questions are bound to arise. If you're engagement ring shopping in the Toledo, Ohio area, Leo Marks Jewelers can simplify the process for you and answer all of your questions during an engagement ring consultation. Schedule an appointment with one of our certified professionals to select the perfect ring or to design a custom engagement ring.

Through our engagement ring consultation, you'll learn about:

The 5 C's

Diamonds come in all different shapes, colors and sizes, which determine the diamond's quality. Leo Marks Jewelers will walk you through the 5 C's and thoroughly explain:

Carat: The measurement of the diamond's weight based on a 100 point scale.

Cut: The cut of the diamond plays a role in its sparkle and how it reflects light to get that brilliant shine.

Color: Diamond color is graded based on a letter system, with D being a diamond which is the closest to colorless. The grading system goes from D all the way through Z.

Clarity: Diamond clarity reflects how many internal characteristics can be seen in a diamond under a microscope. The fewer inclusions that can be found in a diamond, the higher level of clarity it has.

Certification: A certification is a report provided by an independent lab which determines the quality of the diamond.

During your engagement ring consultation, you will be able to see in person the differences in carat, cut, color and clarity so that you can determine the perfect ring.


Whether you're interested in a ring that's already set or you prefer a custom ring design, the engagement ring setting is another important decision to make. The setting is what holds the diamond in place and it also includes the style of the band. Settings come in a variety of metal types and colors, such as white or yellow gold and platinum. During your engagement ring consultation, you'll learn about the different settings and the variety of options that can be included. From a simple princess cut single stone design to vintage styles and halo designs, we'll help you pick the perfect setting.

In addition, the certified staff at Leo Marks Jewelers can assist you with picking out an elegant wedding ring that will fit perfectly with the engagement ring that you ultimately select.

To schedule your engagement ring consultation in Toledo, Ohio, fill out the form below and we'll contact you at your convenience to schedule your consultation appointment.

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